As a successful entrepreneur, Todd Chrisley is active in his communities in both Atlanta and Los Angeles. Because he is also committed to family, fellowship and friends, he understands the great need for strong leaders in philanthropy. He is one of these strong leaders, and has chosen several causes which he feels strongly about to support with his time, money and energy. His involvement with these organizations inform his business practices, and support the work he does in the business world. For Todd Chrisley, giving back to the community is an integral part of being successful.

The charities for which Todd Chrisley advocates inform who he is as a person, and have significant connections to his life. He honors his grandmother's memory with his involvement with Susan G Komen for the Cure, and looks forward to a time when no woman or man needs to fear Breast Cancer. He honors his past and his commitment to education with his support of the Westminster Elementary School in South Carolina where his grants are changing the landscape of learning. He bolsters his role in the real estate community by partnering with CARES by Apartment Life Outreach Program, which helps connect apartment dwellers with friends and fellowship.

Each of these organizations fits into the plan Chrisley has for Chrisley & Company overall, and for each of the businesses that fall under that heading. In addition to his own work with these charities, Todd Chrisley has hired his daughter, Lindsie Chrisley, to be a full time advocate for these charities. In this role, she will determine more ways for Todd Chrisley and Chrisley & Company to assist these organizations with their end goals. With an employee dedicated to researching these opportunities, Todd Chrisley looks forward to doing more with each of them in the coming years.

Chrisley Mission

Chrisley Miission

To lend my expertise in business solutions to those in need of help by way of charitable works. To spread a global vision for a world without breast cancer, a world where children's education is of paramount importance, and a world where every individual shares a profound sense of care and concern for one another.

Message from the CEO - Todd Chrisley.  We aim to do our part in fighting against breast cancer and  the underfunding of children's education. - Founder of Chrisley Asset Management - Todd Chrisley