Todd Chrisley on Children's Education

Todd Chrisley''s youth was not luxurious. While he was surrounded by the love of family and friends, he was not a wealthy boy. His school, Westminster Elementary School, was poorly funded, and offered only educational basics. Chrisley was blessed with wonderful teachers, and learned the value of hard work, determination and perseverance. As he grew older, he realized that he could make a difference to the Westminster community as a whole by giving back to the school and allowing it to form a more solid foundation for all its students.

Todd Chrisley has made annual donations to the school to help fund basic supplies and emergency renovations to keep the school safe and effective. He has also been one of the major donors to the annual Westminster Toy Drive to spread some holiday cheer and good tidings to the community at large. Todd Chrisley enjoys making a difference in this community, and visits regularly to determine how he can help more.

Currently, Chrisley is working with the school to sponsor a grant that will allow Westminster Elementary School to rebuild their Media Center. In addition to updating the structure of the building, he will help to revitalize the materials it houses so that it can truly be a 21st Century Media Center. This grant may also be able to update other areas of the school which have been neglected out of necessity. The hope is that this grant will allow the Westminster Elementary School to provide an environment where the students feel they can succeed because they have the tools they need.

Todd Chrisley contributes to Children's Education.